Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Physical inactivity is costing us billions of dollars, study finds

Experts agree that physical inactivity has become a global pandemic that requires urgent global measures. From loss of productivity to healthcare costs for major diseases such as diabetes and cancer, physical inactivity is to blame for hurting the global economy to a large extent. Dr. Ding, who led the study in question, suggests that such research aims to raise awareness of the dangers of this pandemic and urge governments to invest more in programs that encourage physical activity. Read on to find out more about this worrisome study.

Europe is now facing one of its biggest challanges

Worrisome rankings highlight a huge problem Europe has been facing for a while: dangerously high youth unemployment rates. Read on to find out which countries are facing the biggest challenges!

How high is the cost of living in these 10 European...

If you're considering moving abroad and you want to know if your budget can handle that country's cost of living, check out our list of 10 European countries and relevant information about everything from the price of a loaf of bread or a one-way bus ticket to the monthly rent price for an apartment in the heart of the city.

Best 68 countries to live in

Here's a ranking of the best 68 countries to live in based on their Social Progress Index.

Ontario announces plan to test Universal Basic Income for all citizens

Could Ontario be taking the first steps towards a standard income for all citizens? Read on to find out!