Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Erasmus may exclude British students from now on

As Britain faces potential exclusion from the popular student exchange programme, Erasmus UK director Ruth Sinclair-Jones evaluates the situation and voices her concern for the future. Read on to find out more about this disheartening turn of events for British academia.

UK universities slip in world rankings

According to a 2016 ranking of the world's best universities based on reputation and perceived status, some of UK's universities have slipped down. Read more about what are the reasons behind this and what other universities you can find at the top of this ranking.

Female chief in Malawi breaks up 850 child marriages and sends...

Read more about Theresa Kachindamoto, a woman who fights against child marriages, sends young girls back to school,and works on abolishing the extremely disturbing sexual initiation rites performed on girls in cleansing camps.

Why a spring clean for your studies is good for you

Turns out that besides your house, mind and body, you can apply spring cleaning to your studies as well. Curious how you can do that? Read on!

What’s causing an increase in the number of children suffering from...

Learn more about what is causing an increase in the number of children diagnosed with ADHD and what could be done about it!

20 books to get you out of your comfort zone

Are you a book lover? Are you a reading addict? Do you enjoy books that challenge you to come out of your comfort zone? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you should definitely check out these books!

The U. S. is facing yet another college dropout crisis

For the past few years, the U.S. has been facing a severe increase in college dropout rates. Learn more about the causes that lead to this phenomenon and the measures that are being taken to encourage students to complete their studies.

Ten most useful websites for learning new skills and increasing your...

The Internet can be as useful as it is fun, so check out these ten awesome sites for learning skills and becoming more productive!