Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Shots fired in a shopping center in Munich

A major police operation is under way in Munich, as the suspects who killed several people and injured others are yet to be captured.

German churches now offer “Godspot” aka free wifi hotspots for all...

The German Protestant churches' move is a smart one, however controversial it may seem. It ultimately proves they can adapt to the times and make it easier for its community to stay connected through free and secure internet connection. Read on to find out all about their plans!

What are the most powerful driving licenses in the world?

New research ranks countries based on how powerful their native driving licenses are. Check out which came in first, and what are the advantages for the fortunate winner.

Congolese Catholic priest forced to quit after racist death threats in...

Find out more about pastor Olivier Ndjimbi-Tshiende's decision to resign his position at St Martin's Catholic church in Zorneding, Germany, following multiple racist death threats targeting him for his work with refugees and his race.

German passports rank first among the world’s most powerful passports

Find out who are the most and the least fortunate passport holders in the world, according to a new survey that ranks countries based on travel freedom.