Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Physical inactivity is costing us billions of dollars, study finds

Experts agree that physical inactivity has become a global pandemic that requires urgent global measures. From loss of productivity to healthcare costs for major diseases such as diabetes and cancer, physical inactivity is to blame for hurting the global economy to a large extent. Dr. Ding, who led the study in question, suggests that such research aims to raise awareness of the dangers of this pandemic and urge governments to invest more in programs that encourage physical activity. Read on to find out more about this worrisome study.

Britain votes to leave the European Union: all you need to...

As Britain decides to leave the European Union, the world reacts in shock, confusion, disappointment but also support. Analysts and common people alike throw in forecasts, trying to anticipate what the local and global consequences of 'Brexit' will be. Read on and you'll find out all there is to know about this historical referendum!

10 unusual love idioms from all around the world, illustrated

Languages can be tricky, and idioms that make sense only for the people living in their country of origin even more so. But it's also a fun adventure to try to decode them, or better yet, illustrate them. This series of beautiful illustrations created by artist Elly Walton will surely make for a fun, insightful "lesson". Check it out!

Global air pollution is rising at an alarming rate, a new...

The new report issued by the World Health Organization is serious cause for concern. It shows that over 80% of the world's population lives in heavy polluted areas and stresses the grave dangers they are exposed to as a result of that. Read on to find out what else they found and what can we do to stop or at least delay this phenomenon.

Global sleeping patterns revealed by app data

Researchers analyzing data from an app that collects sleeping habits around the world have stumbled upon some interesting patterns. Read on to find out what these are.

UK universities slip in world rankings

According to a 2016 ranking of the world's best universities based on reputation and perceived status, some of UK's universities have slipped down. Read more about what are the reasons behind this and what other universities you can find at the top of this ranking.

Global temperatures hit a new all-time record high in February

The recent spike in global temperatures is further proof that global warning is by no means slowing down. Learn more about NASA's findings on the matter and what this new record means for our planet's future.

How is climate change affecting your diet

New research gives us insight into just how badly climate change is affecting global crop production and implicitly, our diets.

The Zika virus: everything you need to know

What is the Zika virus, why is it an international public health emergency and what are the risks as it spreads at an alarming rate?