Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Physical inactivity is costing us billions of dollars, study finds

Experts agree that physical inactivity has become a global pandemic that requires urgent global measures. From loss of productivity to healthcare costs for major diseases such as diabetes and cancer, physical inactivity is to blame for hurting the global economy to a large extent. Dr. Ding, who led the study in question, suggests that such research aims to raise awareness of the dangers of this pandemic and urge governments to invest more in programs that encourage physical activity. Read on to find out more about this worrisome study.

4 ways to avoid food poisoning on your summer travels

It's easy to lose sight of health precautions when you're having fun traveling, and to make mistakes that may eventually lead to indigestion, food poisoning and the like. Here are 4 ways in which you can prevent these problems, check them out!

Sikh bikers ride thousands of miles to raise money for cancer...

Read more about the amazing initiative of a group of Sikh bikers who rode thousands of miles in order to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

5 reasons why you should avoid all-inclusive resorts on your vacation

We totally get the temptation - you're on vacation, you just want to relax, have a great, carefree time and not worry about where you're gonna eat next. But all-inclusive resorts are places where our "must-indulge" mode gets activated, and it's all downhill from there. Experts say we should avoid these places during our vacations; read on to find out why!

The next iPhone update will help you save lives

Read more about another great update coming from Apple this fall!

10 ways to cope with summer heatwaves

It's getting quite hot all over the world lately, with many areas in the USA and Europe in particular facing major heatwaves at the moment. So stay cool and check out these ten tips on how to deal with heatwaves, both inside and outside your home.

5 troubling habits of unhappy people

Unhapiness most commonly takes the form of troubling daily habits that damage our self-esteem, our relationships and stop us from achieving anything significant in our lives. If any of these five habits sound familiar to you, consider removing them from your routine and that might just make the biggest difference in your outlook on life!

5 smart ways to work less, yet get more done

In our fast-paced, ever changing world, work efficiency is key. We need a lot of work to get done fast, but many of us are going about it the wrong way. Here are 5 smart ways to be more productive and efficient in your work, without harming your physical or mental health. Check them out!

How does grief cause physical pain?

We're sure you're familiar with the feeling that your heart is literally broken after you've experienced trauma or loss. But how is this possible? Read on to find out!

Global air pollution is rising at an alarming rate, a new...

The new report issued by the World Health Organization is serious cause for concern. It shows that over 80% of the world's population lives in heavy polluted areas and stresses the grave dangers they are exposed to as a result of that. Read on to find out what else they found and what can we do to stop or at least delay this phenomenon.