Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Virginia just banned child marriage

Yes, child marriage still exists in the U.S. Read more about this dire situation and the consequences that arise from it!

Texting while walking might soon become illegal in New Jersey

Yes, that's right, distracted walking is a thing. And because it's causing more and more pedestrian deaths, a law might be enforced that fines or even sends to jail people caught texting or doing anything else on their electronic devices while walking.

The right to disconnect: should you be able to switch off...

People all around France have engaged in protests to oppose Hollande's rigid labour laws, fighting for the right to disconnect. Read on to find out what this proposal implies and what the consequences would be if it becomes law.

The U.S. bans imported slave-produced goods

This bill finally made it into law and it will close the "consumptive demand" loophole forever.