Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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The psychology behind the new ‘Pokemon Go’ craze

Psychologists explain why is it that Pokemon Go has turned into a global craze practically overnight. Read on to find out what they have to say about it!

Pokemon Go servers are down, leaving gamers all around the world...

The Pokemon Go servers crash has caused a global meltdown among hardcore players of this new yet extremely popular augmented reality mobile game. The crash is said to be caused by a DDOS attack carried out by a hacking group, though the huge number of players signing up and playing every day for the past week has surely contributed to this situation.

An American company plans to transform UK’s famous phone booths into...

The red telephone booth is undoubtedly an extremely cherished part of British culture. But in the era of smartphones, telephones boxes are rapidly losing ground. So, to save them from becoming pavement-straddling relics, a New York-based company aims to transform some of them into fully-equipped tiny work stations. Read on to find all about their ambitious project!

8 free apps that can replace a personal assistant

Have too many tasks on your hands? Why not check out this list of 8 free apps that substitute a personal assistant and see which one would best fit your needs?

10 travel apps to make your vacation easier

Planning a trip soon? Or simply want to be informed for the next time you go on vacation? Here are 10 of the best apps on the market to help you have an awesome vacation!

Galaxy S7 brings back popular features and adds more of its...

With its new gaming tech, expendable storage and enhanced camera, does S7 have the potential to crush its competition?