Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Video games reveal exactly what happens to our brains as we...

Competitive video games such as StarCraft have a lot to teach us about our aging brains. Researchers have moved on from games like chess to fast-paced, multitasking, real-time strategy video games because they are an analogue of our fast-paced reality and thus offer information on how our brains react in similar real life situations. Read on to find out exactly what researchers have learned about this!

There is such a thing as “ethical amnesia” and it’s probably...

Have you ever heard of "ethical amnesia"? Apparently, this phenomenon stems from the fact that we don't like remembering moments when we acted unethically. Curious to find out more? Read on!

Global sleeping patterns revealed by app data

Researchers analyzing data from an app that collects sleeping habits around the world have stumbled upon some interesting patterns. Read on to find out what these are.

Worsening depression could be a sign of increased dementia risk

According to a recent study, depressive symptoms that increase gradually over time can predict dementia later in the life of older adults. Read on to find out more about what this means.

You can fix your sleep schedule with magnesium, a new study...

How great would it be if you could regulate your sleep with just one mineral? Read on to find out how magnesium gets the job done!

The psychology of willful blindness

Have you ever heard of the concept of willful blindness? Even if you didn't, we're sure you've experienced it at some point. It is that moment when you choose - consciously or not - not to know something that you feel more comfortable not knowing. Read on to find out more about this fascinating mechanism!

This skin patch could one day help control diabetes

Read more about what could be a revolutionary discovery in treating people who suffer from diabetes in a less invasive and less time consuming way.

Study shows that psychopaths don’t catch yawns

According to a study conducted by researchers at Baylor University in Texas, people who do not catch yawns may lack empathy and have certain psychopathic traits. Read on to find out more about the study!

There’s a new blood test that can detect concussions, scientists report

A study published yesterday in the Jama Neurology journal offers revolutionary insight into the science of diagnosing brain injuries through blood tests. Read on to find out more!

5 human behaviors that are contagious, according to scientists

Ever started laughing, shivering or frowning just because you saw somebody else doing it? Read on to learn about the science behind this odd phenomenon.