Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Apple will be paying hackers thousands of dollars, here’s why

In September, Apple will be joining a large group of tech companies that have implemented bug-bounty programs to take care of the critical bugs that appear in their software. The tech giant is offering up to $200,000 to hackers, depending on the vulnerability they find. Read on to find out more about Apple's bold endeavor!

Samsung unveils the new Galaxy Note 7 phablet, and its features...

With the same high-end, premium design that made Galaxy S7 Edge extremely popular and lots of high-end features, Samsung's new release aims to take the phablet market by storm. Read on to find out all about it!

The psychology behind the new ‘Pokemon Go’ craze

Psychologists explain why is it that Pokemon Go has turned into a global craze practically overnight. Read on to find out what they have to say about it!

The next iPhone update will help you save lives

Read more about another great update coming from Apple this fall!

The new big update from Google Maps

Google Maps just got a new update and we're really excited about it...and a bit frightened. Read on to check it out!

What ‘Brexit’ means for the technology sector

With many repercussions of 'Brexit' still left to arise, it's important to consider what the immediate and the long-term consequences of Britain's withdrawal from the E.U. are for the technology sector. Read on to find out all about it!

Facebook and Microsoft team up to build massive underwater data transfer...

Tech giants Facebook and Microsoft collaborate on an ambitious project to build an undersea cable across the Atlantic, connecting the United States and Europe. Through this, they aim to meet customer needs for reliable, high-speed connections for their online services. Read on to find out all about the so-called MAREA project and what it means for the future of these two tech companies!

What is digital waste and why do we need to worry...

Now that many aspects of our lives are becoming increasingly more reliant on digital technology, our concerns with regards to waste should include digital waste as well. Curious what that is exactly and what massive tech companies are doing about it? Read on!

Meet Viv, the next-generation AI assistant designed by the creators of...

Did you think the sophisticated AI assistant Samantha from the movie "Her" was just a piece of Sci-Fi? Think again. The world - in this case the creators of the famous Siri - have even greater things in store for us. Read on to find out all about their ambitious project "Viv", the next-generation AI assistant that claims to be "the intelligent interface to everything".

Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg team up for the most ambitious...

Driven by his lifelong belief that it is within our human nature to never stop exploring, world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking launches, with the support of Mark Zuckerberg and other investors, the hugely ambitious Starshot Project. Read on to find out what this innovative space exploration project aims to find!