Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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4 ways to avoid food poisoning on your summer travels

It's easy to lose sight of health precautions when you're having fun traveling, and to make mistakes that may eventually lead to indigestion, food poisoning and the like. Here are 4 ways in which you can prevent these problems, check them out!

How high is the cost of living in these 10 European...

If you're considering moving abroad and you want to know if your budget can handle that country's cost of living, check out our list of 10 European countries and relevant information about everything from the price of a loaf of bread or a one-way bus ticket to the monthly rent price for an apartment in the heart of the city.

The 7 best train trips in the world

Are you one of those people who like to travel by train and admire the scenery while you're enjoying a nice dinner? Then you need to check out these amazing 7 train trips which promise to deliver a five star experience!

The underrated joy of traveling alone

Have you ever considered traveling alone? If not, check out some of the joys of going on an adventure all by yourself, and maybe the next time when you'll have a vacation you'll decide to try it out.

10 dark tourism sites around the world

If you want a break for the traditional sightseeing, you can find an alternative among these disturbing dark tourism sites. Check out our list!

German passports rank first among the world’s most powerful passports

Find out who are the most and the least fortunate passport holders in the world, according to a new survey that ranks countries based on travel freedom.